How To Pick The Body Language Of A Liar

Learning to read the body language of a liar can make life a lot easier for yourself when it you’re just not sure if someone is being exactly truthful with you. Relationships can be really fun when there’s lust, passion, long walks on the beach and even longer loving gazes in to each other’s eyes. There’s confession’s of undying love and commitment, and promises never to hurt or be deceitful to one another. On the flip side, with this can also come jealously, rage and sometimes ultimately deception. And to make things even more difficult, it can be really hard to see the facts clearly when you are right in the thick of things.

That’s where learning to read the body language of a liar can help to make you make quick and informed decisions as to when someone is maybe telling you a white lie, and also very important decisions if someone close to you is actually telling you a lie.

Nonverbal communication body language is very hard to conceal, although some people are better than it than others. Here are the most common indicators that someone might be trying to pull a fast one over you.

Eye Contact

Usually the eyes are a dead give away when someone isn’t telling the truth. Either they won’t be able to look you in the eye, or they may use excessive blinking as a form of distraction The problem with this is the savvy few who can easily look you dead in eye and lie straight to your face. If you think you have one of these on your hands, watch for pupil dilation which is a very tell tale sign of body language lying.

Self Touching

Touching the face or wringing ones hands are examples of self touches or adapters. We use these more frequently when nervous or if there is increased tension, perhaps when trying to cover something up. Reading guys body language can be tricky with this one as generally they do love to touch themselves, so look out for nervous touching of the face, or fidgeting hands.

Closed Body Language

This is quite obvious body language of a liar. If someone looks like they have something to hide, then usually it means that it does. If they are pointing their body away from you, crossing their arms, shrugging their shoulders instead of answering questions, leaning inward instead of upright and acting in a defensive non communicative manner, usually means that they have shut down and are not willing to share their secrets.

Speech Errors Or Hesitation

If someone is mumbling, changing their story or muddling the facts, or even mispronouncing words or has changes in their voice pitch, usually these are all very clear indications that someone has something to hide. Deception is more difficult than truth telling so if you believe someone is lying to you, then press them on the details and see if you get a clear and concise non-defensive answer.

Jittery Hands Or Feet This is classic body language of a liar, both of which are very clear signs of guilt and remorse. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is expressing either of these, there’s no way that they would be able to keep a lie from you. A gentle prod of questioning will quickly have them spilling the beans soon enough. Just be mindful though, that if you are dealing with a ‘good’ liar they may be able to conceal their wobbly hands. Covering up jittery feet though is a lot harder to suppress.

An All Rounder

It’s important to note that these traits individually may not mean that you have liar on your hands. If these signals are appearing in clusters however, it is usually a good indication that someone may not be speaking the truth or maybe be hiding something from you.

Ultimately always follow your instinct, when reading the body language of a liar, if it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

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