10 topics not to talk about in dating

10 topics not to talk about in dating

Stop saying the wrong thing on a date, or you may lose the likes of others.

THOUGHTS ABOUT THE WEATHER CONDITION “The weather is good today, right?” Oh man! Can you think of another idea to express? This overused expression should and must be avoided.
It is quite obvious that your date knows the weather condition. Why not say, “You look gorgeous every time I see you!”. Aside from a tickle in your date’s bones it can also brighten his or her day!

PROBLEMS OR RESENTMENTS For first dates, try at least not to talk about this matter because you are still in the stage of “getting to know”.
You do not want to be a shock absorber, do you? You are there to enjoy each other’s company and have some fun. Not to talk your bitterness in life or your grievances that you feel towards your boss.

TALKING ABOUT YOUR EXES I talked about a thousand times over my past dating article tips that it is a big no-no to mention about your exes. As what I had said before, you are in a date not to talk about your exes but to embark in a new journey of welcoming a brand new start.
Talking about this topic will likely end up talking more over a past relationship and reveal your flaws. If this is the case, your date will lose his or her interests to you.

GREEN JOKES As much as possible you want to make your date laugh most of the time whilst dating, you got to think more than twice if you will throw green jokes because there are circumstances that some will feel awkward or uneasy when hearing this humor. For you it may sound funny but it may add discomfort to your date.

RELIGION OR POLITICS Others say it is just okay to talk about religion or politics, but not on first dates. You are dating not debating.
There is a right place and time to talk about these hot issues, talking this subject will surely lead you in a heated argument.

GOSSIPS Informing your date about your neighbor’s life is not his or her business. Minding other people’s lives will give your date an impression that you are a BIG fanatic of talking others’ business. Instead talk about your hobbies or favorite past times.

TECHNICAL JARGON Not anybody can relate what you are talking about. You cannot impress someone by merely talking about the latest gizmos or computer’s hardware and software. He or she may experience nose bleeding.

MONEY Asking how much does he or she earn is annoying. You might be mistaken as a gold digger or someone who is looking for a sugar mommy/ daddy.

COMPARE OR CONTRAST What I mean is, you will say, “I like someone who has sexy body.” This will leave your date thinking if she or he has a body to die for.
It can only make your date conscious of his or her physical features.

SEX I tell you this is not a good idea to talk about sexual issues. Not a good topic to start in any first date conversations.

If you want a second date to happen, think some good conversation topics to talk on first dates before you regret the day that the words roll off your lips.

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