Make men like you

Make men like you

Maybe you are looking for someone to love you,your attitude and behavior can help you get the love of others.

1.Women Attitude

The first and important aspect of how to make a man fall in love is positive attitude, and counts for everything.

Let us face it everybody likes happy people; men are also similar to everyone.

Women who find little faults with their man will find it hard to find happiness for them and for the man she is crazy head over heels.

If you smile, laugh and just have fun you will attract him.

2.What Attract Men Attention

Attractive women tend to get noticed everywhere. Hence try to be clean, dress smartly and you tend to look attractive to men. Men enjoy looking at women who look good.

You need to take time to choose clothes that enhances your body. Men love the natural look of women, but it is advisable not to wear clothes that show too much of your body and a mask as makeup.

3.Self Confidence

Men are attracted to confident women.

Hence self confident women are a priority for men who look up to them with admiration.

Even having a job that does not pay will help boost your self confidence when making men fall in love with you.


Independent women are respected and also thought to be too overbearing. A classic example is independent women can take care of themselves. They have a job and earn money and spend according to their will.

But men still appreciate women who receive gifts and acknowledge it. Men enjoy spending or doing things for the women they love and often pay for dinner or spend on a mini-vacation.

Men care and enjoy giving gifts to the woman they care and look forward to spending time with her.

5.Never Fake

It is important to never fake with a man you truly love and want to spend the rest of your life. Little things that he is irritated with may turn into a chance for a life’s disappointment.

Men can see through fake behavior, so it’s important to be genuine with your man always. Any disputes and things you don’t agree should be made clear to him.

To make a man fall in love with you stand by your man and he will be yours forever. It shows that you are devoted and also genuine in the relationship.

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