The secret of successful dating

The secret of successful dating

You need to be true to yourself on the first date. To make the other person happy, the following tips will help you to date successfully.

Arrive on Time: Don’t arrive late or early. Arrive on time, this shows that you are punctual, respectful and have your life together.

Location: Try to take your date to an interesting place that you know well. If you are going for dinner then go to an ethnic restaurant or a restaurant that is somewhat different.
If you don’t know your date well, dinner, a movie and perhaps drinks after the movie is a good plan. Even though it’s traditional, the movie will give you a period in between where you can think of new conversation topics.

Relax: The tenser you are the more you will make your date nervous. Focus on having a good time, speak slowly and take a deep breath whenever you feel nervous.

Tell the Truth: Even though your date doesn’t know much about you now, she/he will eventually get to know you better so be honest and don’t lie.
Trust is basis of any successful relationship so try to build that trust. Even if you decide at the end of the date that your date isn’t compatible for you then don’t say “That was fun let’s do it again”.

Don’t Try to Impress: Don’t talk about the fancy car you are planning to buy, how much money you have or how big your house is if it doesn’t come naturally in the conversation. This shows low self-esteem.

Be Confident: Be decisive while ordering dinner, don’t take forever. Don’t ask your date what she wants to do but rather suggest something and ask her for her opinion.
Don’t say “I don’t know, what do you want to do” but rather say “How about going for a couple of drinks”.

Conversation: This is one of the most important parts of the date. You need to keep the conversation interesting. Think of topics that your date might be interested in. Don’t speak to her about cars or the football game last night. If you notice that the conversation is boring for your date start talking about a new topic.
Another way to keep the conversation fun is to have multiple conversations going at the same time. Think of topics to speak about before the date. Also think of a number of interesting stories that you can start telling your date at anytime if you run out of things to speak about.

Be Happy: Don’t start telling your date how depressing your life is. Be happy, fun and always have a smile on your face. Be a positive person. Remember in order to have a successful first date it has to be fun.

Ending: End the date before it gets boring. If you notice that the date is about to turn boring end the date while both of you are still enjoying it.
This leaves a good memory of the date and increases the chances for a second date. Men should also always try to end the date first.

Finally be yourself, have fun and don’t worry too much about how the date will go. The more you worry the more nervous you become and the less fun you have.

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