Advice for the first date

Advice for the first date

Single people don’t know how to become happy lovers, dating becomes painful, happiness should be the beginning of most successful dating.

Have just the right amount of confidence in yourself without coming off as cocky. You’re playing the dating game just like whoever you’re out with.

You are neither above nor below them, no matter your amount of past relationships.

Whether you are really into whom you’re dating or you don’t really like them at all, treat the person you’re on a date with respectfully. Especially if they’re just playing nice too.

At the end of the night, you’ll both go home and won’t have to see each other again if you choose to go that route.

No matter how much you’re into them or how desperate you really may be, do not come off as needy or desperate. Don’t go on and on about your past and how you’re looking for someone to fulfill all those things you want and need in a lover. If you’re interested, show you’re interested but don’t push the envelope.

Especially on a first date, keep the desperateness or the bad things to yourself and save them for another time. If the person likes you enough, you’ll get luckily enough to go on a second date and maybe even go further than that later on. Know what to show and when.

Don’t ask too many questions too soon. A lot of single dating advice skips this, but it’s actually a very important part of dating. If you ask too many questions, you could very well make your date uncomfortable. Your date being uncomfortable means no more going out with you.

You are struck off the list and will be forever known as someone who is uncomfortable to deal with unless you go to great lengths to undo the damage.

There are just some things you don’t do on dates that can potentially crush any chance you have of getting a second date. No one likes to be stuck in dating limbo forever, and many people don’t understand why they’re in dating limbo.

Think about the things you’ve been doing during dates and see if the above rules apply to you. You’d be surprised how often you do something wrong in a date that can turn a potential relationship away before it even got a chance.

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