should we call each other in a relationship?

should we call each other in a relationship

If a man loses contact with us, maybe you want to keep your relationship well, should we call each other in a relationship?

The Sixth Sense

You won’t believe but men have sixth sense that tells when woman are desperate. You are not required to tell them, they can just feel those vibes.

The first and the foremost thing to keep in the mind is that never ever call a guy quickly after his silence begins.

You may think that by calling him, matter can be solved. You may want to ask him why he is not calling and may clarify things that are haunting you.

You want to know what actually is bothering him and by calling you want to feel obligated. But here is an advice before calling him.

Think properly about the last encounter and how it was resolved. What was his approach and what was yours? Depending upon that only you should proceed.

I Am Sorry

If you know that you’re the one guilty of making him upset by flirting with his friend or had said some mean things to him. Then kindly call and ask for forgiveness.

Never ever give clarification that you are under pressure or some weird condition has let you do this.

It’s always better to apologize for mean words you have spoken to him. Behave in a friendly manner and admit properly that you had made a mistake and make a promise not to repeat it.

Many women might lose their self esteem and with the view to some how get back their ex they will apologize for everything and anything. It is like begging and will only get more despise from your ex.

So regain your self esteem, mutter up courage and self confidence and face this problem with a brave face.

On the other hand if you did not do anything bad or wrong and didn’t say mean words to him, you possibly see no reason why he stopped calling you suddenly.

You are amused because of his behavior and if you want to learn more and find out the reasons why he is not calling and want to make him call you again, all you need to do is, to stop asking yourself, “Should I call him again”.

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