Are you willing to start an international relationship

Are you willing to start an international relationship

Starting an international relationship may be a progress, a challenge,In order to be happy, they need to start a new life in other countries.

Of course, the trade offs in such a decision (even to follow a TRUE LOVE) can often become challenges. Women will be in a completely new country, often with little language knowledge, and far away from their friends and family. Such a transition can be quite a test for a growing relationship, but we are here to give you a few practical advices and lessen your doubts in handling these seeming problems.

Why leave?

In years after the coming of independence, many women (in particular of younger generation) have learned to appreciate themselves and realize their potential.

While Ukrainian and Russian women are not nearly at the level of feminism of Europe and US, they are learning to be independent and rely on themselves – also as a consequence of not being able to rely on men at home. As a result, they see no boundaries and are willing to take chances on relationships even if they are across the globe.

Of course, looking for a brighter future for themselves and their children can not be omitted. With the fall of the iron wall, exposure to the western world has turned the latter into paradise for most people from the CIS.

By now the media and word-of-mouth stories have dissolved that conception some, but still, many women perceive the US and Europe as far more convenient and secure in terms of social foundations, employment, standard of life, etc.

Is language knowledge really a must?

No doubt, solid language knowledge is a huge plus when moving to a foreign country. It can help ease the transition of getting used to the new place, make a woman feel more comfortable at a new location. However, even without a perfect 10 in a foreign language it is possible to adapt to a new country.

Our agency can share numerous stories of women who have traveled abroad with very few words in their vocabulary, yet within a few months they were fluent enough to be able to communicate and understand native speakers. Immersion in the foreign language environment puts the learning on an entirely new level – there are no translators to rely on, many things can be explained (on paper or by pointing) for easier understanding, and there is simply no other choice! Hearing television, music and other native speakers in a new language will help your lady adapt and learn the language faster.

Additional language learning activities, such as English as a Foreign Language classes and various cross-cultural activities, can help build your sweetheart’s confidence and gain necessary practice of a new tongue.

Of course, any adaptation period (with or without an excellent language knowledge) would require from you, as a spouse or fianc?, patience and understanding.

It is ok to want to be able to speak freely with your beloved NOW, but you should not show your frustration with the time it will take. Support her by learning a few of the words from her native tongue – this will make your communication fun and give her a chance to relax – she won’t be the only one learning something new and making mistakes.

Being away from family is tough – but does it have to be?

Russian women are very family oriented. They grow up being close to their mothers and sisters, girlfriends, and being away from home can be a difficult change.

In the early times of international dating, women leaving the country couldn’t really be certain of when they would be able to travel back home or communicate with their loved ones due to high airfares, expensive phone calls, and long time for snail mail delivery.

Now, living far away doesn’t have to be as drastic and gloomy for any woman. Aside from travel fairs that have become more accessible and affordable in the recent years, there is a number of options available for women to keep in touch with their families: email, phone calls (some through free software), chat over the internet, etc.

This won’t substitute a mother’s touch, or an afternoon tea with girlfriends, but it will help make communication with home easier, faster, and make your lady feel like she is not out of touch with her family and friends.

If you like him very much, everything will not be difficult.

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