Relationship Planning

Scared of getting tied into a relationship which will make you end up getting disappointed? The best way to avoid this feeling and situation is to plan for it. It might sound weird but this really exists and works. We spend hours, days even months planning for relatively smaller decisions at our work, why not spare some time for self and plan for relationships that will remain with us till the time we are alive.

Relationship planning is not a new concept but its an age old technique of getting into a relationship that is strong and full of life and happiness. Earlier elders use to sort and choose a perfect match for their children and grand children. They use to think from all perspectives in terms of family, work, educational qualification, nature etc in a prospective bride or groom while deciding a perfect match. They use to spend many weeks or sometimes even months in search of a perfect match for their loved ones so as to make sure that they stay happy and compliment each others for rest of their lives.

Sometimes you feel that a particular person is just perfect for you and you would love to spend your entire life with that particular person and you indeed marry him/her only to later discover that you were not right in evaluating and judging that person. While in some of the cases, one really knows who the perfect match is for him/herself but because of lack of ability and knowledge about presenting his/her proposal, they miss the opportunity of being with the person whom they admired and loved so much.

It is really difficult to find the love of your life but remember; it is not impossible. You need to spare some time and attention for finding your soul mate. Relationships are made in heaven and I don’t disagree with this fact. God has done his job and now it is your turn to put efforts to get your share of destiny. Life is not a cake walk of anyone of us. Each one of us have to put in our share of efforts to discover what God had kept for us. For you, it might be in terms of searching for your soul mate.

Few things you need to take care of are;

• Feel comfortable when you are around the person you are most attracted to or whom you think can be you r soul mate.
• Sit and spend some time with yourself to determine your deepest needs and wants for your future relationship.
• Decide for sure what you expect from your relationship.
• Be clear and vocal about your needs and expectation while talking to your prospective Soul mate but without seeming needy or pushy.
• During meeting or dating communication should be without fear and hesitation. You should give time to partner for his or her talk; you should not forget that he or she is also attending this dating with same objective as yours.

Relationships are based on truth and faith, so we should built our relationship on the basis of these two pillars. These are some tips for a healthy relationship for development of healthy and fruitful life.

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