How to make your boyfriend like you more

How to make your boyfriend like you more

After starting a date, you found a guy you like, you are a couple, what do you need to do? make him fall in love.

Touch his hand or give a smack during fun times.
A small gesture, but this is one of the smooth moves that can make him go crazy over you. Do this romantic act every time there is something new and exhilarating going on. Rest assured, in no time, he will relate your touches and caresses with the good moments.

This isn’t really hard to do, since new relationships are usually filled with fun and exciting times, make the most out of this moment. This is the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful foundation for your budding love affair.

When he’s driving, rub or slowly massage the back of his neck to make him feel connected to you. This is one of the smooth moves that your new guy will surely appreciate, especially if he’s taking a long drive or tired from work.

Subconsciously, he will see you as someone who is kind and sensitive to his needs, an absolute way to really make him love you more.

When walking side by side, wrap your arms around his waist, this will show you’re in sync and reveals that you have no inhibitions about being demonstrative about your feelings.

Don’t lose him in the crowd. When you are in a party, show him that you adore him by tilting or leaning your head a little that it touches his shoulder. This is one of the smooth moves that will make him feel special and loved.

These small actions will definitely touch his heart.

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