what to talk about on a first date

what to talk about on a first date

Facing a stranger is difficult, because we don’t know him completely and we don’t know how to communicate with them. We have a few tips on the first date.

If you want the conversation to flow on your first date, you better plan ahead. It does not mean that you have to memorize what you will say because that can get you into trouble if you forget your lines.

A plain mental note of topics that can excite the conversation will help on breaking dead air. Need a list of subjects? We give you the 5 essential topics that you can bring up if you plan to go on a blind date with a dinner dating service:

Friends and Family – One thing is for sure your date has tales to tell either about family or friends. Ask open-ended questions like, “How often do you hang out with your friends?” or “Got any brothers or sisters?” One rule of thumb, do not ask about your date’s parents. That is treading into unsafe waters. The parents could be divorced or separated, and based on experience it always lead to an awkward silence or stuttered response on your end.

Career – May it be running a big company or doing freelance gigs, people in general like to talk about what they do for a living. They say you can tell a lot about the person’s likes and dislikes by their occupation. Asking questions about someone’s career gives you hints on other topics that person would want to talk about. For instance, if that person works in TV production, you can lead the topic to TV shows you enjoy or the latest hit TV series. Ask your date what are the enjoyable things about his or her work. You can even let your date rant about his or her work. I’m sure you have an view about that. Who has not experienced working with a difficult boss or an annoying co-worker?

Travel – This is a fun topic. Ask your date her latest travel dangerous undertaking and it will lead to learning and sharing of experiences. Keep in mind that the three best things to talk about travel are the sight, the taste and the feel. What are the tourist spots one shouldn’t miss? What are the must-try dainties of the place? How does it feel being on that place? You might share the same views on these things.

In blind dating, it would have been better if you chance upon someone who you share common curiosities with. But why leave it to chance? Dinner dating has been taken to a new level now. An online dating service systematically matches like-minded people and set up a date for them.

What’s Hot and New? – Talk about the latest tendencies in pop culture, the latest conveniences or the latest news you have seen on TV. Chances are your date has something to say about it, unless your date is a complete recluse. But even so, your date might be affected if you tell something new that he or she has not heard of yet. If you are careful not to sound arrogant, you can share what might be valuable information for your date. Now that’s a turn on!

Your date – Ostensibly, nothing is more interesting than talking about oneself. That is why social networks that allow you to update other people about what’s going on with yourself are so hot. Be the listener. Let your date do most of the talking. Be captive to what your date is saying, and don’t forget those verbal nods. It does not mean that you will just clam up all throughout the date. Do your share of talking but give your date more talk time so he or she will feel that you are interested. Do you know that being a good talker lies heavily on the ability to listen

Try to start a first date, maybe you are not far from success.

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