How to make a man fall in love with you

How to make a man fall in love with you

When we want men to fall in love with us, we find it difficult and can’t find a way to achieve it, of course sometimes men don’t know you like him, but you can pay attention to the following things

Take things slow.
Guys are a little slower than girls when it comes to love. Guys need more time to process things down and also making sure he has the right feelings towards you. They do not like to be rushed and pressurized. So just take things slow and let him lead the relationship, go along with his pace so that he will feel comfortable being in a relationship with you.

Who says men can’t love?
A man can fall in love as deep as how a woman can, only if you love and treat him the right way. Be with him, support him, lend a listening ear and that heart might just be yours for a lifetime.

Make him feel as though he has known you longer.
One way to make him feel as though he has known you for a long time is to create memories. The more the better because memories will make it seem like he known you for quite some time. But there are a few things to take note while making those memories.

Do different things so that you will have different memories. Doing the same things will only create a memory of that one thing. It won’t seem too memorable isn’t it?

Try new things at a different place. Go to different place and try out new things like doing different activities, or like eat something unique or doing something special together.

Do more things. Each outing should consist of a least 2 to 3 different things. Do not take too long lest he finds it boring.
Two people should get along happily,feel comfortable,grow together.

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