How to make women fall in love with you after dating

How to make women fall in love with you after dating

Start the following method, maybe you will find love soon

Get to know her first. This is done for two very good reasons. First you can find out if you actually like the real her once you have spent some time around her and second you can figure out what she likes and use that to your advantage when you start to make your moves.

Get in good with her friends. If you come across as a jerk, or just someone not good enough to them then you will have to contend with them feeding the girl you like information about how she should avoid you at all costs and how there are better guys out there. Just make it simple on yourself and get her friends to see you for the great guy you are.

Be real and honest. It’s not only a turn off to be fake and lie but when you get caught doing so you may lose the girl forever. So no acting like you love everything she loves and no telling her that you are a professional poker player if you are not. Just keep it real so she has no surprises down the road.

Make sure your body language and verbal language match. You can say one thing but portray another thing in many different situations. For instance if you are telling her how great her story is but you are looking everywhere but at her then you are sending her the message that you are not interested in her story no matter how much you say you are.

Make her laugh. Laughter is a huge turn on and will make her view you in a positive and uplifting light. If you are making her laugh then you are making her feel good and that’s something that always works in your advantage.

Bring out the romance card. Show her that you can be a gentleman and a romantic by opening the door for her and buying her flowers. Let her know that you think about her and care about her and she will want more.

Use eye contact when talking to her. Eye contact lets her know that you are really interested in what she is saying, how she feels, and who she is. It shows that you are paying attention to her and sends the message of caring.

Have goals that you are working towards. If you are learning to play the guitar or if you are going to be the next internet millionaire make sure you are working towards them and showing a sign of drive and determination. Show her that you are always moving forward with your life and that will excite her to stick around and see what’s coming up next with you.

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