Are you aware of the red flag in the relationship

If you have a new relationship after dating, some of your actions may have produced red flags, please resolve these red flags

when you are making decisions that affect your life long term looking at only the best qualities that a person has to offer may cause you to overlook their worst ones and those could be the ones that break your relationship and have a negative impact on your life. These are three signs that you might be in denial about your relationship:

You are always avoiding introducing your partner to your friends because you feel that they will not be supportive to you and what they are going to say you don’t want to hear. If you think that you can predict your friends’ doubts and objections to you dating that person then maybe there is a big chance that you are experiencing some of those same doubts about your partner as your friends would be if they met. If you are not willing to introduce your partner to friends and family then you maybe are not comfortable either.

You feel that you need someone to be with and never want to be alone, so much that your feelings are that you would prefer to be in a relationship that is not the right one for you than to be alone. If your past history is one where you stayed to long in relationships that you knew were headed down a dead end street just because you didn’t want to be alone, then pay close attention to your feelings in your current relationship now and avoid another relationship dead end. Your fear of being single and alone might be causing you to either ignore or not see the relationship red flags that keep coming up.

You never feel totally comfortable with your partner. If you are trying to change the true you or hide your true feelings then you are definitely in the wrong relationship and you will end up single and alone again if you don’t start searching for the right person now! By continuing to deny the relationship red flags you are also denying yourself the opportunity to be in the right relationship where you can be yourself and be loved for the real you. Don’t change or hide your true qualities just to be in a relationship that is not your right match. If you are staying in a relationship that you are always denying the red flags then you are headed for a relationship disaster. Face the truth and save yourself from more problems and get out now. Good Luck and Happy Online Personals Dating!

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