How did you find your ex like you

How did you find your ex like you

It is usually not that easy to find out if your ex is genuinely sending out signals that she wants to get back with you, or simply doing these things out of habit. What’s worse is your ex maybe deliberately showing you some interest, to lead you on and only to drop you again, as a way to get even, for some wrong she feels you had done against her. It is also possible that she is sending out signals because she is intent on getting back together with you.

So if you keep telling yourself “I want my ex back”, any sign of interest from your ex will surely make your heart skip a beat. It is quite normal to miss your ex, especially if the relationship went on for more than a year. People don’t easily forget, and for all you know, she may be sincere in showing you signs that she wants to give the relationship another try. Perhaps she misses you the same way you miss her. However, you can better protect yourself from seriously getting hurt all over, so don’t jump into things too easily.
The better way to deal with this scenario is to play a little hard to get, and to show your ex that you are ready to move on without her. That will really catch her attention, and could make her try harder to show that she wants you back, just as desperately as you do her. You see, if you suddenly jump into things, you may make the mistake of reading too much in her actions. Because you want to see signs of her wanting you back, any little sign may suddenly make you believe she does. Verify the message first, by giving it some time. Even if you want to hear her say that she wants to give it another try, hold off a little longer, to allow her some time to sort through her feelings at well.

One sign that your ex is showing some interest again, is if she asks to spend some time with you, maybe to have coffee, or simply to talk. Go ahead and show up, but do not think of the invitation as a date. Don’t go overboard and start reading signs where there aren’t any. Maybe she is just having one of those days when she needed some company, and missing her best friend – you.

Getting back with your ex needs some strategies, and a big part of that is playing cool. Stop making yourself too available whenever your ex calls you, as this may just be her way to deal with separation issues. Let her miss you some more and she’ll find more ways to get your attention back.

So if you’re still wondering, “does my ex want to get back with me?”, remind yourself only time will tell. She will find ways to get you back, if she sincerely wants you back. You will find your answers to your wish, “I want my ex back” and you both can avoid the mistakes you had in the past, and make it work the next time around.

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