How to make others interested

To get back a guy, you first need to sort out your emotions and get back to the positive woman that you were when you first met. When you are unhappy and miserable after a break up, you are not in the best position to get your guy back. You probably don’t feel sociable and perhaps you want to hide yourself away from the world and lick your wounds. However, this won’t get him back. If you are letting him know that you are unhappy then he will feel guilty. He will want to escape from his guilt rather than spend time in your company.

Although it is a difficult time for you, to get him back, you have no alternative but to make it look like you are feeling good about yourself and are moving on and getting on with your life. If you can show him that you are over him then he may start to think that he has made a mistake in letting you go. It is generally when you act needy and demanding in the relationship that he feels that he must get some space. So when you show him that you don’t need him and are having a great time then he may reverse his decision.

Either way, take some time away from him to give him a break. It is very important that you give him a chance to miss you. He will probably be thinking about you even if you have no way of knowing it. If things have been going wrong for a while, he needs time to get over the negative picture that he has built up of you. To compensate, you can afford only positive communication from now on.

However difficult, concentrate on getting your social life back together and filling your life with fun and good company. It will be to your advantage when word gets round that you are out there having a great time. If you can do this quickly, you have a better chance of getting him back.

At some point you are going to have to get back in touch with him but only when you feel able to stay positive. Hopefully you will be able to engineer a chance meeting where you can show him that you are over him and enjoying life. In these situations, keep it short and friendly. Greet him enthusiastically and wear a genuine smile. This is your chance to re-engage him on a positive level but don’t go overboard. Keep it short and sweet and then move aw