What To Do On a First Date

Emotionally exciting activities may produce a sexual attraction to your date at the same time. In fact, studies have shown that anxiety producing events create a more erotic turn on than a game of mini-golf, for example. Fear produces a substance in our bodies exactly like infatuation does. So both fear and infatuation should have you feeling the same desire towards your date. As long as you are not fearful of your date! Makes sense right? So here are some ideas for a first date that will get that excited sexual response you are looking for!

While dinner is a popular choice for many first dates it may not be the best way to win your dates affection. There is a lot of evidence out there that shows your date will be more interested in you if you are in an exciting or stimulating situation.

A concert – If you head out to a stimulating rock concert then it can be quite exciting for the both of you. The loud noises and excitement from everyone around you will be enough to get your excited. Seeing each other dance and sing to the band will also be exciting and not a side of you they would otherwise see.

A life-risking activity – This should be something that scares the crap out of the both of you and is safe at the same time. Bungee jumping and sky diving are two examples of this. You want to participate in something that is scary but with safety precautions in place. Do not drive on thin ice or jump off a cliff just for the thrill of it because you may lose your life in the process which will stop any future dates from happening.

A scary movie – You may not consider this thrilling but it does get the excitement and anxiety juices flowing. Remember that scary is defined by what you fear, so if you both fear the paranormal then paranormal activity or a ghost movie may be the best choice for you. But if you both fear being tortured then a torture movie may be the best fit for you. Scary is defined by your fears.

Amusement Park – If you can find an amusement park with a roller coaster this will be an ultimate fear producing activity. Most people get a huge rush of excitement on roller coasters because the threat of it flying off the tracks is always there. And you can find tons of other exciting and scary rides at an amusement park as well.

So remember, the next time you are planning your first date suggest something scary and exciting. Chances are you will end the date feeling excited about each other and any future dates to come.


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