Talking to another girls

You are the one who approached the women, or it may even be in your social circle and it feels like the burden of responsibility lies on you to keep the interaction going. It is true to an extent especially if you are the one who approached since you have to be proactive about getting things rolling but that is the the main part of it- getting things going. You just have to coax the other person to contribute to the interaction then things become a lot easier. A great way to do this is after you say something or ask a question just stare at the other person expectantly. This puts the impetus on them to contribute since if they have been social anytime in their lives they will know that this signal is a cue for them to carry on the conversation.

Now sometimes a girl will actively try and cut off conversation or she won’t know what to say. In these cases it is good to tease them and continue carrying the conversation showing you are not bothered by their response then after a little while give her another opportunity to contribute again. Repeat this process until she is talking about 50% of the time and you are contributing 50% so it’s even. Maybe even her contributing 60% is better since then you have flipped the script on her and she is trying to impress you.

What is important though is you don’t get stuck in ‘trying to impress’ the woman which many men fall prey to. They realize that not talking isn’t the answer so they go extreme in the other direction and steamroll the conversations without letting her get a word in edgeways even if she wanted to. This is bad and is another indicator of insecurity which will turn the girl off.

So getting the balance is the key- to be able to carry the conversation but always aiming to get her contributing to the interaction so that it’s even.

That way you can then escalate on the girl showing your romantic interest in a way that seems genuine. If you were to try and show your interest in her before she had even said or done anything then it would show her that you are needy and desperate and only wanted her for her body which would also turn her off. I’m not talking about requiring some deep spiritual connection but having her putting in effort before showing your interest is essential. This conveys the right things of you being a man who has standards and who only gives his affection to those women who are worthy of it. This will make the girl feel appreciated and the warm fuzzies will flourish between you both.

That should give you an idea for those of you who can’t find a girlfriend or who are looking to improve your skills with women. Give it a go and have fun.

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