What gift is needed for the first dating?

What kind of gift is prepared for the first dating?what should I do on the first dating?

what gift to prepare for First Dating

First time to see , if it is about a place to meet, it is not recommended to send some more large gifts, such as flowers, large plush male bear and so on this more large gift, not only inconvenient to carry, will affect the conduct of the appointment.

In fact, you can send some more exquisite and small things, I recommend jewelry or watch cosmetics and other things, can be put in the girl’s bag, so that girls feel your care.

1. Jewelry Women love jewelry and give gifts to cater to each other.

So I recommend the delivery of bracelets or necklaces of this type of jewelry, the first time to meet to send a small and exquisite jewelry is a good choice.

2. Cosmetics Women are beautiful, and netizens meet for the first time to send her cosmetics can appear that you are very concerned about women, cosmetics small gift box exquisite good-looking.

It is recommended to give her a box of cosmetics during the appointment, which will make people have a crush on you, so cosmetics send women just right.

3. Watches

Send a Lady table can also show the temperament of the person who sent the watch, the watch as a gift just good, marriage to send what gift is best, show respect for each other

First Dating tips

1, in front of the meeting, first chat on the internet for a period of time to see if you can communicate smoothly together, and observe the other person how. 2, if together feel chat chat very happy, then you can let the other side send photos.

Usually girls have a lot of selfies, if you look at each other looks good, then congratulations, now you can consider meeting. 3, well, now this step is very important. If the man feels that the girl who is chatting with himself is OK, then you must take the initiative to ask her out for dinner or a movie. It’s important to meet for the first time, and it can also test how boys feel about you.

If he doesn’t take the initiative to ask you out to play at all, then he has no feelings for you. 4, the following is the last step, the final meeting is the most important step. Sometimes clearly in the online chat is OK, meet but have nothing to say. In this step, we must dress up well, and do not put too much pressure on themselves. It’s all right to let it go. The first meeting is best chosen in a restaurant or cinema and other places where some people are more. After all, it’s safer.

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